Unit: 1.000.000đ
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I. Cashflow from operating activities
1. Profit before income tax
2. Adjustment for
- Fixed asset depreciation
- Provision and allowance
- Gain/Loss from unrealised foreign exchange
- Gain/Loss from investing activities
- Interest expense
3. Operating profit before change in working capital
- Increase/Decrease in receivables
- Increase/Decrease in inventories
- Increase/Decrease in payables
- Increase/Decrease from prepaid expense
- Interest paid
- Business income tax paid
- Other receipts from operating activities
- Other payments from oprerating activities
Net cashflow from operating activities
II. Cashflow from investing activities
1. Payment for additional fixed asset
2. Proceeds from disposals of fixed assets
3. Purchases of debt instruments of other entities
4. Proceeds from sales of debt instruments of other entities
5. Investment in other entities
6. Proceeds from disinvestment in other entities
7. Dividends and interest received
Net cashflow from investing activities
III. Cashflow from financing activities
1. Proceeds from issue of shares
2. Purchase from issued shares from other entities
3. Proceeds from borrowing
4. Repayments of borrowing
5. Repayments of financial leases
6. Dividends paid
Net cashflow from financing activities
Net cashflow of the year
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning of year
Effect of foreign exchange differences
Cash and cash equivalents at the end of year