Binh Minh Plastics JSC is a Vietnam-based company engaged in the manufacture of plastic products. The Company mainly produces and trades civil and industrial plastic products and molds. It also engages in assembling and merchandizing machinery and equipment for interior designs, providing consultancy services for drainage and warehousing systems, as well as evaluating chemicals and others. Main products include uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride) pipe, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe, and other supporting products and plastic resins. It has one subsidiary located in Hung Yen Province overseeing the operations of the Company in Northern Provinces.

Business sector

  • Manufacturing and trading industrial and civil plastic and rubber products;
  • Designing, manufacturing and trading plastic molds;
  • Manufacturing and trading machinery, materials, sanitation equipment for interior decoration and construct industry;
  • Building irrigation, drainage, warehouse and storages;
  • Providing chemical analysis, supervision and examination services;
  • Trading materials and chemicals (except strong toxicants), materials,machinery for plastics, engineering, construction, water irrigation,drainage and experimental equipment.


Date of incorporation 16/11/1977
Certificate of registration number 0301464823
Date of issue 01/08/2022
Capital 818,609,380,000
Tax Code 0301464823
Sectors & Industries Chemicals > Commodity Chemicals

  • Viet Nam Chemical Plastic Pipe Company (Kepivi) and Kieu Tinh Plastic Company of Kieu Tinh was merged into into Binh Minh Plastic Factory under the Food Technology Corporation of the Ministry of Light Industry according to Decision No 1488/QD-UB dated Nov 16, 1977 by the People’s Committee of H Chi Minh City
  • On Feb 08, 1990, the Ministry of Light Industry issued Decision No 86/CNn-TCLD on the establishment of Binh Minh Science and Plastic Production Enterprise on the basic of Binh Minh Plastic Factory’s re-establishment. It was a member of Plastic Production, Import and Export Association (the precursor of Viet Nam Plastic Corporation-VINAPLAST) under the Ministry of Light Industry.
  • On May 24, 1994, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City issued decision No 842/QD-UB-CN on nationalizing Binh Minh Science and Plastic Production Enterprise  and converting it to a state-own enterprise 
  • On Nov 3, 1994, the Ministry of Light Industry issued Decision No1434/CNn-TCLD Decision on establishing the state-owned Binh Minh Plastic Enterprise (PMPLASCO) under VINAPLAST 
  • On Jan 28, 2003, the Prime Minister issued Decision No 125/QD-TTg on dissolving VINAPLAST. Accordingly, Binh Minh Plastic Company came under direct management of the Ministry of Industry and was equitized in 2003.  
  • On Dec 4, 2003 The Ministry of Industry issued Decision No 209/2003/QD-BCN on converting Binh Minh Plastic Company into Binh Minh Plastic Joint Stock Company.
  • On Jan 02, 2004, Binh Minh Plastic Joint Stock Company completed its business registration and officially came into operation  
  • In Nov, 2006, the company was approved to list its share in Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange and adjusted its charter capital from VND107.180.000.000 to VND139.334.000.000.
  • On Aug 01, 2008, its charter capital was adjusted to VND 175.989.560.000.
  • On Feb 06, 2010, its charter capital was adjusted to VND 349.835.520.000.
  • AOn June 19, 2013, its charter capital adjusted to  VND 454.786.170.000.

Listing information

Date of listing 01/08/2022
Stock exchange HOSTC
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 67,000
Listing Volume 81,860,938
Total Listing Value 818,609,380,000

Management team

SakChai Patiparnpreechavud Chairman of the Board of Directors
Nguyễn Hoàng Ngân Vice-chairman of the Board
Poramate Larnroongroj Members of the Board
Phan Khắc Long Members of the Board
Chaowalit Treejak Members of the Board
Nguyễn Thanh Thuận Board of internal controllers
Praween Wirotpan Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn Lưu Thùy Minh Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Chaowalit Treejak Chief of Executive Officer
Nguyễn Thanh Quan Deputy CEO
Nguyễn Thanh Hải Deputy General Director of Business
Hồng Lê Việt Director of Finance
Phùng Hữu Luận Chief Accountant