Dien Bien Water Supply Joint Stock Company is a Vietnamese company operating in the water industry. It also heavily engages in construction activities. Its controlling shareholder is Dien Bien Provincial People's Committee.

Business sector

  • Exploiting, producing, trading clean water for household consumption, tourism, service, production and other needs in Bien Dien;
  • Trading material, equipment and technology for the water suply and discharge industry;
  • Producing non-alcoholic drinks and mineral waterl
  • Producing and trading purified water;
  • Preparing economic, technical reports and construction investment projects;
  • Providing management and operational consultancy for construction investment projects;
  • Supervisinng, desinging, examining design and cost estimates of civil, industrial, transport, irrigation, water supply and discharge, electric, technical infrastructure works;
  • Investing in the construction of water supply and discharge works;
  • Installing equipment, technological lines for water suply and discharge works;
  • Constructing civil, industrial, transport, irrgation and technical infrastructure works;


Date of incorporation 31/03/1993
Certificate of registration number 5600100728
Date of issue 04/08/2017
Capital 396,844,530,000
Tax Code 5600100728
Sectors & Industries Utilities > Water

  • In 1993, Lai Chau Provincial Construction, Management and Water Supply Enterprise was establuhed.
  • In 1995, it became Lai Chau Provincial Construction, Management and Water Supply Company.
  • In 2003, it became a state-owned company.
  • In 2004, it was renamed Dien Bien Water Supply Company .
  • On Apr 02, 2009, it became Dien Bien Construction and Water Supply ompany.
  • The company was equitized in 2015 and became Dien Bien Water Supply Joint Stock Company.
  • According to the 3rd adjustment of its business registration, its charter capital was VND 393.320.100.000.
  • It became a public company on Nov 21, 2016.

Listing information

Date of listing 04/08/2017
Stock exchange UPCOM
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 10,000
Listing Volume 39,320,100
Total Listing Value 393,201,000,000

Management team

Nguyễn Lệ Quế Chairman of the Board of Directors
Phạm Quang Tuấn Members of the Board
Đinh Quốc Lộc Members of the Board
Phạm Trọng Nguyện Members of the Board
Hoàng Cúc Phương Members of the Board
Lê Đình Nghĩa Board of internal controllers
Nguyễn Thị Thanh Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn Thị Kim Mến Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Phạm Quang Tuấn CEO
Đinh Quốc Lộc Vice- president
Phạm Trọng Nguyện Vice- president
Nguyễn Hữu Hùng Chief Accountant
Nguyễn Lệ Quế Representative Spokesman