With transport capacity of 40 million m3km/year, Ha Tay Petrolimex Transportation and Service JSC a big petroleum transportation unit of Viet Nam Petrolimex Transportation and Service Corporation. The company has gained large market share for petroleum transportation within the area of Ha Noi, old Ha Tay province, transport sector in the petroleum sector as Hanoi, Hoa Binh, Son La, the northwest region and some other surrounding areas. The company has an advantage of large transport capacity, modern facilities qualified to meet diversified needs with fast progress and good service quality.

Business sector

  • Transportation petroleum;
  • Wholesale/retailer of petroleum, petrochemical products and other goods;
  • Import / export of transport vehicles, materials, equipment, automobile parts, materials and equipment for gasoline;
  • Construction and reparation of  petroleum works, petroleum equipment and other civil works;
  • Road transport service for passages
  • Eating service service;
  • Logistics services as well as services for parking lot, repairing transport means
  • Trade of equipment, postal services and telecommunications;
  • Crop and animal husbandry, aquaculture breeding


Date of incorporation 14/11/2000
Certificate of registration number 0500387891
Date of issue 26/10/2020
Capital 35,031,640,000
Tax Code 0500387891
Sectors & Industries Industrial Goods & Services > Transportation Services

  • The company was established in 2000 with charter capital of VND 6 billion. It is a member of   Viet Nam Petrolimex Transportation and Service Corporation
  • In 2001, Hoa Binh branch was established
  • In 2002, Ha Noi branch was established.
  • In 2003, charter capital was adjusted to VND 6.5 billion
  • On Feb 8, 2010, the Ha Noi Stock Exchange officially admitted the trading registration of PTH on UPCoM. Its first trading date was on Mar 23, 2010.

Listing information

Date of listing 26/10/2020
Stock exchange UPCOM
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 33,800
Listing Volume 3,503,164
Total Listing Value 35,031,640,000

Management team

Lê Tự Cường Chairman of the Board of Directors
Vũ Quang Tuấn Members of the Board
Nguyễn Tiến Cường Members of the Board
Nguyễn Tử Bình Members of the Board
Bùi Trung Định Members of the Board
Dương Tú Oanh Board of internal controllers
Ngô Ngọc Vĩnh Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Hoàng Đức Diện Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn Tử Bình CEO
Nguyễn Tiến Cường Vice- president
Đỗ Văn Định Vice- president
Lê Hồng Tá Vice- president
Ngô Thị Vui Chief Accountant
Lê Tự Cường Representative Spokesman