Mientrung Petroleum Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC-MT) is a Vietnam-based company engaged in the construction industry. The Company constructs oil refinery plants and manufacturing buildings, along with industrial and institutional buildings. It also constructs infrastructures, ports, bridges and irrigational works, as well as provides land clearing services. The Company is involved in the manufacturing and trading of construction materials, such as ready-mix concrete. Other activities include stone mining and plastic packaging manufacturing.

Business sector

  • Investing and constructing infrastructure works, road and bridge, civil and industrial works for petrol industry and other industries as well;
  • Constructing irrigation works;
  • Leveling and back-filling premises
  • Investing in engineering construction works for petrol industry;
  • Constructing dyke, embankment, port;
  • Producing and trading concrete, blasting drilling, mine exploitation;
  • Producing and trading construction materials;
  • Producing mechanical products, anti-erosion products;
  • Maintaining, repairing ships and floating means;
  • Fabricating, installing petrol tanks, gasified liquid tanks, water tanks, pressured tanks and technological system;
  • Installing machinery and equipment, automated control equipment in industrial factories;
  • Installing 35KV electric line, domestic and industrial electrical system;
  • Investing and trading real estate;


Date of incorporation 21/12/2007
Certificate of registration number 4300368987
Date of issue 29/04/2016
Capital 150,000,000,000
Tax Code 4300368987
Sectors & Industries Construction & Materials > Heavy Construction

  • The Central Petrol Vietnam Constructions is a subsidiary of Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation (PVC) belonging to Petrovietnam (PVN). The company was firstly established as the Central Petrol Construction One Member Company Limited merged by the Petrol Construction JS Company – Quang Ngai Branch, the Central Mechanical Construction Enterprise and Project Unit of Dung Quat Oil Filter Factory belonging to Petrol Construction JS Company (known as PVC currently).
  • On 26 Oct 2007, the Board of Directors of PVN issued the Resolution no.3604/NQ-DKVN approving the project for converting the Petrol Vietnam Construction JS company into the Petrol Vietnam Construction (PVC).
  • On 21 Dec 2007, the Board of Directors of PVC issued the Decision no. 04/QD-HDQT-TCT regarding establishment of the Central Petrol Construction One Member Company Limited with invested capital of VND 50 billion and operating under  business license no. 3404000094 dated Jan 02, 2008 issued for the 1st time by Quang Ngai Department of Planning and Investment and adjusted on 4 Mar 2008.
  • On Nov 16, 2009, the Boards of Directors issued Decision No. 965/QD-XLDK on approving the conversion of Central Petrol Construction One Member Company Limited in to a joint-stock company.
  • On No 22 Nov, 2009, the company was officially named the Central Petrol Vietnam Construction according to business license no. 4300368987 issued for the first time by the business registration division of Danang Department of Planning and Investment on Oct 29, 2009 and adjusted on Apr 19, 2010.
  • On June 21, 2010, the company’s shares wer officially listed on Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (stock code: PXM)

Listing information

Date of listing 29/04/2016
Stock exchange UPCOM
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 1,100
Listing Volume 15,000,000
Total Listing Value 150,000,000,000

Management team

Nguyễn Đình Phước Chairman of the Board of Directors
Lê Tuấn Nguyên Members of the Board
Huỳnh Lê Lệ Diễm Board of internal controllers
Nguyễn Văn Tĩnh Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Lê Tuấn Nguyên CEO
Vương Duy Tú Vice- president
Trịnh Thị Du Phương Chief Accountant
Trịnh Thị Du Phương Representative Spokesman