Seaproducts Mechanical Shareholding Company (Seameco) is a Vietnam-based company engaged in the shipbuilding industry. The Company is involved in the manufacture and repair of various types of ships, boats, fishing vessels, canoes and ferryboats. It also installs, repairs and maintains machines and equipment, as well as assembles and trades motors, generators, pumps for agricultural and fishing activities. In addition, the Company is engaged in port operations and the offering of related services, such as cargo handling services, warehousing services and vessel supply services. It trades steel, iron, aquaculture and animal feeds as well.

Business sector

  • Manufacturing machine and equipment for seafood production; building, repairing, designing wooden, steel cover, composite materials and products originated from composite;
  • Importing maritime products, spare parts, engine; other consumption products, specializes materials, marine vehicle, life-protection equipment;
  • Exporting mechanic products, Diezel spare parts and engine, transport vehicles, products originated from composite, seafood and garment;
  • Supplying materials;
  • Engaging in food technology and ice water production;
  • Providing port services;
  • Exploiting, processing, trading seafood; providing road and maritime transportation;
  • Chopping, sawing, processing wood;
  • Doing research and designing new shipping and mechanic products;    
  • Doing research and applying new science-technology, material, information technology for business, production and technology transfer;
  • Trading petroleum and petrochemical products;
  • Selling, selling agricultural products, sport machines, equipment and tools,  
  • Operating warehouse and yard;
  • Producing, trading, repairing, installing and maintaining power and marine engine, power generator, water plumber….
  • Wholesaling construction, machine, equipment and spare parts;
  • Producing, wholesaling material for animal, aquatic, poultry feed production;
  • Wholesaling chemicals;


Date of incorporation 01/01/0001
Certificate of registration number 0302166033
Date of issue 12/07/2018
Capital 42,000,000,000
Tax Code 0302166033
Sectors & Industries Industrial Goods & Services > Industrial Machinery

  • The precursor of Seaproducts Mechanical Shareholding Company was Seaproducts Mechanical II Company, which was established in 1987 and re-established as a state enterprise in 1993.
  • In 2000, it was renamed to Seaproducts Mechanical Company under East Sea Fisheries Corporation.
  • By 2007, the company was equitized and became Seaproducts Mechanical Shareholding Company with initial charter capital of VND 22 billion.
  • In 2007, charter capital was adjusted to VND 33 billion.
  • In 2009, charter capital was adjusted to VND 42 billion.
  • On Aug 30, 2010, the Ha Noi Stock Exchange officially admitted the company’s trading registration on UPCoM (stock code: SCO, registered volume: 4,200,000). The first trading was on Sep 17, 2010.

Listing information

Date of listing 12/07/2018
Stock exchange UPCOM
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 10,000
Listing Volume 4,200,000
Total Listing Value 42,000,000,000

Management team

Trần Hữu Hạnh Chairman of the Board of Directors
Đỗ Trung Chuyên Members of the Board
Nguyễn Tấn Dũng Members of the Board
Trương Tùng Hưng Members of the Board
Nguyễn Thành Trung Members of the Board
Võ Quốc Việt Board of internal controllers
Huỳnh Văn Đặng Thị Lệ Hoa Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Trần Thị Nguyệt Phụng Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Trương Tùng Hưng Chief of Executive Officer
Vũ Văn Công Chief Accountant
Trương Tùng Hưng Representative Spokesman