Tan Binh Import - Export Joint Stock Corporation (TANIMEX) is a Vietnam-based company engaged in the development of infrastructures for industrial zones. It also develops residential areas, apartment buildings, offices, hotels and commercial centers. In addition, the Company constructs warehouses for rent and invests in its five subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are engaged in the manufacture of kimonos, pure drinking water and roof tiles. They also import and export machinery and provide services for industrial zones developed by the Company.

Business sector

Manufacture - Trading

  • Manufacture industrial products, TTCN for domestic consumption and export.
  • Manufacture cigarette. Trade domestic produced cigarette. Produce and trade cigarette filter-tips.
  • Manufacture and trade purified water. Manufacture industrial food servings.
  • Manufacture steel frames & columns, mechanical products for production, construction and consumption. Assemble steel frames. Level surfaces.
  • Manufacture, process food, foodstuff for livestock, and aquatic products. Trade materials for aquatic products.
  • Warehouses, workshops, goods receiving and delivery.
  • Exploit, process and trade underground water.
  • Parks (planting and taking care of trees)
  • Trade food and foodstuff, clothes, stationery, household appliances, electrical and electronic products, and other necessaries.
  • Trade chemicals (except strongly harmful chemicals)
  • Trade environmental treatment equipments
  • Passenger transport service by contracts & International travel business
  • Afforestation, black sand / clay exploitation. Brick and tile manufacture and other construction materials. Exploit and process minerals. Produce construction materials
Import & Export:
  • Export agricultural and forest products, aquatic products, industrial products and TTCN, vegetables and processed food.
  • Import materials, machines, equipments, consumer goods, accessories, construction materials, interior decorations and means of transport.
  • Invest and cooperate to produce export goods and to construct workshops to produce export goods.
  • Outsource to export shoes and garments
  • Restaurant and hotel services ; Overseas national currency exchange.
  • Services : sports (tennis, swimming pool and other recreation activities).
  • Garbage gathering and transport ; Car wash service
  • Goods transport ; Transport agency.
  • Drainage dredge and maintenance
  • Car and truck for rent ; Contracted passenger transport
  • Car repair and maintenance
  • International travel and tour
  • Air ticket agency
  • Custom clearance of import-export goods (custom clearance agent).
  • Fuel (petrol, oil, gas, lubricant and grease) retailing agency, and gas transmission
  • Insurance agency ; Postal service agency
  • Advertisement
Investment :
  • Construction development: civil and industrial projects, transport projects, water supply and drainage projects, green tree projects (new and maintenance projects), irrigation and lightning projects.
  • Investment in construction and trading of residential houses, supermarkets, and infrastructure of industrial zone.
  • Investment in construction and leasing of offices.
Consultancy :
  • Overseas study consultancy ; Vocational training
  • Consultancy in technology solutions ; Development of treatment systems for sewage, purified water, garbage, exhaust fumes and other polluting factors.
  • Put in a total estimate and estimate for projects ; Prepare investment projects ; Examine and verify the design and estimate.
  • Consultancy for tender or investment (except financial investment).


Date of incorporation 11/11/1981
Certificate of registration number 0301464904
Date of issue 13/09/2017
Capital 300,000,000,000
Tax Code 0301464904
Sectors & Industries Real Estate > Real Estate Holding & Development

  • Tan Binh Import - Export Joint Stock Corporation (TANIMEX) was established under the name of Service and Export Supply Company following Decision No. 1920/QD-UB dated Nov 11, 1981 of the People’s Committee in Tan Binh District.
  • In 1992, Tan Binh Import - Export Joint Stock Company was established following Decision No. 218/QD-UB dated Feb 11, 1992 of the People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • On Dec 30, 2006, following Decision No. 6686/QD-UBND of People’s Committee in Ho Chi Minh City, the company was transferred into a joint stock company.
  • Tan Binh Import - Export Joint Stock Corporation officially came into operation on Jul 18, 2006 with business registration certificate No. 4103005032 granted by the Department of Planning and Investment in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • According to the 11th adjustment of its business registration certificate, its charter capital was VND

Listing information

Date of listing 13/09/2017
Stock exchange HOSTC
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 65,000
Listing Volume 30,000,000
Total Listing Value 300,000,000,000

Management team

Nguyễn Minh Tâm Chairman of the Board of Directors
Trần Quang Trường Vice-chairman of the Board
Trần Thị Thanh Nhàn Members of the Board
Phan Ngọc Liêm Members of the Board
Nguyễn Thị Thu Giang Members of the Board
La Ngọc Thông Members of the Board
Trần Quang Trường Chief of Executive Officer
Nguyễn Đình Minh Triết Deputy CEO
Hà Thị Thu Thảo Chief Accountant
Lê Nguyễn Hướng Dương Representative Spokesman