Giá trị doanh nghiệp


Business Objectives

"The benefit of the client is the benefit of BSC."


Business Philosophy

"BSC - Reliable companion."



"Contributing to the development of the stock market and delivering values to clients, investors and shareholders of the Company."



"Restructuring the customer base toward sustainable development and safety. Maintaining and gradually improving the rank among TOP Securities Companies. Transitioning toward an Investment Bank"


Core Value

"We build our company on three pillars: Quality of Staff, Corporate Culture and Technology Infrastructure."


Competitive Strategy

Continuously training, fostering skills, knowledge, behavioral culture and professional ethics for existing human resources. At the same time, the development and implementation of policies to attract high-quality human resources to meet the rigorous needs of every customer. We upgrade the information technology infrastructure, develop and put into operation the system of advanced application software such as stock valuation, enterprise valuation, fundamental analysis, technical analysis to support decision-making process of the investors. We continue to improve the information disclosure system to provide accurate, reliable and valid information for investors. Moreover, we promote to sponsor projects that support to develop investment knowledge for the community through collaboration with universities, institutes and research institutes to organize regular scientific seminars.


Quality Management Policy

Recognizing that the quality of products and services provided to customers is a vital factor to the survival and development of every business, from the beginning, BSC has made every effort to improve the quantity and quality of services to maximize the benefits of customers. To facilitate the continuity and consistency of the quality management system and in order to standardize and control the risk in all key activities, BSC issued Quality Management Manuals in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000. This is a document stating guidelines, policies, general principles and the content of quality management that BSC committed to improve the quality of products, services. Based on the quality management planning and quality management system planning, BSC develops and implements resource management policies, planning and monitoring the process of product on PDCA model.