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Okasan Securities Group is a stand-alone securities company group founded in 1923. Headed by the holding company, Okasan Securities Group Inc., it consists of nine domestic companies and one overseas company. Okasan Securities Group is committed to a wide spectrum of securities investment and asset management businesses, through a network of six domestic and overseas securities firms centering on the core firm, Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. It is also involved in asset-management business, such as investment trusts, information-processing/system-development business, as well as office-support business, such as alternate back-office jobs and temporary staffing. Okasan Securities Co., Ltd. is a securities firm, which is the core firm of the Okasan Securities Group. The company holds 60 branch offices throughout Japan, promoting community based consulting sales, and it has opened representative offices in New York and Shanghai. Since its inauguration, Okasan Securities has always tried to acquire assurance and confidence of customers emphasizing "face to face" consulting sales with a basic motto to be "sincere". We will continue to aim at being a securities firm that fully attends to the needs of the individual customer for their asset management requirements, under our corporate philosophy, "Every effort for the sake of customer satisfaction".