FDC: BOD resolution of share private placement

HOSE - 17/06/2022 9:40:00 AM

Foreign Trade Development and Investment Corporation of Ho Chi Minh City announces a BOD resolution of a share private placement as below.

Acticle 1: Approving the shareholder list receiving the share private placement approved by AGM.

-          Issued volume: 38,629,988 shares

-          Out. shares: 38,623,488 shares

-          Treasury shares: 6,500 shares

-          Offering price: 10,500 dongs/ share

-          Offering volume: 47,620,000 shares

-          Transference restriction: 1 year

-          Total mobilized capital: 500,010,000,000 dongs

Acticle 2: Supplementing the shareholder list to AGM.

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