HOT: HOT still in the supervision status

HOSE - 19/08/2022 5:45:00 PM

On August 17, 2022, the Hochiminh Stock Exchange issued an announcement to maintain the supervision status over the stock of Hoi An Tourist Holding Company (HOSE: HOT).

Reason: The profit after tax of shareholders of parent company was -11.697 billion dongs, the undistributed after-tax profit until 06/30/2022 was -57.124 billion dongs, according to the interim reviewed consolidated financial statements in 2022. This is the case of securities supervised according to Point b, Provision 1, Article 38 of the Listing and Trading Rules promulgated with Decision No.17/QD-HDTV dated 03/31/2022 by the Members’ Council of Vietnam Stock Exchange. 

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