PNJ: Plan for stock issuance to raise capital

HOSE - 09/11/2022 3:38:00 PM

The Board resolution dated November 07, 2022, the BOD of Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company approved the plan to issue shares for capital increase from the owner’s equity with details as follows:

-          Stock name: Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Company

-          Stock code: PNJ

-          Stock type: common share

-          Par value: VND10,000/share

-          Number of shares expected to be issued: 82,000,687 shares

-          Total value of issuance (at par value): VND 820,006,870,000

-          Exercise ratio: 33.33% (3:1) (Those who own 03 shares will receive 01 new share)

-          Time of implementation: Quarter 4/2022 and Quarter 1/2023, after being approved by the State Securities Commission of Vietnam (SSC).

-          Plan to deal with fractional shares: The distributed shares will be rounded down to units, the fractional shares will be cancelled.

-          For example: at the record date, shareholder A owns 125 shares. With 3:1 exercise ratio, the shareholder A will receive: 125*1/3 = 41.6 shares. According to rounding policy, the shareholder A will receive 41 new shares and fractional shares of 0.6 share will be cancelled.

-          Transfer restriction:

+ The distributed shares to employees who will be restricted transfer;

+ The distributed shares to existing shareholders who will not restrict transfer.

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