• Answer: Customers want to trade via phone just register following the form “Service agreement to use electronic transactions” of BSC. Customers use the phone number and password which have bên registered with BSC to perform transaction.
  • <Answer:For online transaction, customers need:
    - Registering using the form “Service agreement to use electronic transactions” and buy the security devices.
    - Sign in to BSC’s website following the address: www.bsc.com.vn, access online transaction or visit the address: https://tradingonline.bsc.com.vn
  • Answer: Security card is the device to protect customer’s information when trading online. Customers are responsible to preserve the decive to protect their rights. When the security card was locked, customers please call 04 3926466004 39264660 or 08 3821888908 38218889 and provide personal’s information and card information to unlock the card.
  • Answer:Customers can click on forgot password section just below the log in window, the programme will automatically send the new password to customer registered email. In addition, customers can also call 04 3926466004 39264660 or 08 3821888908 38218889 to receive help from BSC’s employees.
  • Answer:After registering using the form “Service agreement to use electronic transactions”, customers will be given a password to trading via phone. When they want to trade over the phone, they should implement:
    - Make a call from the registered phone number to 04 3926466004 39264660 or 08 3821888908 38218889 to perform the transactions.
    - Provide password to the tellers.
    - Implement transactions: buy or sell, advancing, purchase additional issue, etc.
  • Answer: To ensure the safety of transacton, please call using the phone number which has been registered to perform transaction over phone.
  • Answer:When trading directly at the floor, customers please bring their ID card and issue a written orders to the trading desk.
  • Answer: To perform margin trading, customers need:
    - Open the margin trading account
    - Place orders on margin account as of normal account (with the deposit ratio for each code and follow BSC’s provision in each period).
  • Answer: In order to trading in odd number, on the 10th of every month, customers please come to BSC’s trading desk to perform the trading in odd number.
    Regulations of odd number trading are as following:
    + UpCom and HNX: <100 shares
    + HSX: <10 shares / fund certificate
    For odd number of shares on UpCom and HNX, customers can implement an odd number agreement transaction between customers.
  • Answer: Agreement transaction is transaction which has pre-determined buyers and sellers.
    + HNX: Orders with volume from 5000 or more shares may use the agreement transaction or normal transaction.
    + HSX: orders with volume from 20.000 or more share / fund certificates must use agreement transaction.
    + Upcom: orders with volume over 10 shares can use agreement transaction.
    In case, customers have not found the partners for agreement transaction, they can post an advertising through BSC.
  • Answer:

    AVA installation guidance

    Step 1: Download JAVA from 1 of the following address:

    1. Download from JAVA’s website here: DOWNLOAD

    2. Download from BSC’s website:

    Version 32-bit

    Version 64-bit

    Step 2: After downloading, please run the Setup application, quit all browser such as Chrome, Firefox or IE when installing and re-open it for JAVA to activate

    In case, our customers’ computer block JAVA, please follow the following steps:

    Step 1: Go to Control Panel and run the Java icon

    Step 2: Switch to Security tab,enable: Enable JAVA content in the browser” and turn the security to bottom “Medium”, press OK to save the setting

    Step 3: Quit all currently using browser such as Chrome, Firefox or IE and re-open it for JAVA to activate

  • Answer:Our customers can enquiry the account balance in BSC by:
    - Call our private brand exchange 04 3926466004 or 08 3821888908 for assistance
    - Access website www.bsc.com.vn and signing in to Online trading section:
    + Access “Chứng khoán” to enquiry securities balance
    + Access “Số dư tiền” to enquiry money balance
    + Access “Sổ lệnh” to enquiry orders’ conditions
    - Compose enquiry message via telephone numbers which were registed with BSC follow the syntax:
    + BSC [Account number] TIEN send to 8169: to enquiry money balance
    + BSC [Account number] SDCK send to 8169: to enquiry securities balance
  • Answer: In order to receive automatically message of matched results, our customers can compose message following the follow syntax with the phone number which was registered with BSC when opening an account: BSC [Account number] DK send to 8169
  • Answer: Our customers can access BSC’s website via www.bsc.com.vn and access the Data center / Enterprises
  • Answer: In order to read the daily analysis report from analysts at BSC, our customers can log in to website www.bsc.com.vn and access Products & Services / Analysis
  • Answer: For any feedback and suggestion letter, our customers please send to the following e-mail address: services@bsc.com.vn. BSC will really appreciate the feedback and suggestion from our customers for BSC to serve customers better and better.