For BSC staff

With the opinion that people are the greatest asset in the company, we are always aware of the maintenance and development of the internal spirit. A strong company is a company with united staff in all activities. Therefore, we are not only interested in building a professional staff team to serve customers but also listen, share the spiritual life of staff, employees of the company

BSC wants to create a professional and healthy working environment for the staffs to contribute their our creation and promote their advantages to the company's continuous development. Training and skill development activities have been maintained every year so that each individual can improve themselves in business activities, gradually leading BSC into top 5 securities companies in Vietnam. . In addition, we focus on investing welfare policies, paying attention to individuals, organizing internal programs so that each member feels BSC as a second home.

For the community

Sharing is always a thing which BSC wants to do when organizing community activities, especially with children - the future of the country. They all have dreams that are as simple as it may be, but without the help of kindness, it is hard to do. Understanding that, BSC always endeavors in volunteer activities, helping children in remote areas, ethnic minority to have more warm clothes, warm blankets and books to go to school. We are responsible for nurturing the dreams of future generations everyday.