BSC i-Bond is a BSC’s product that allows customers to buy bonds with the following characteristics: Safety, Flexible term, High coupon rate.

  • The trading bonds are those issued publicly by BIDV.
    • The bonds are licensed to trade publicly by SSC, with no limitation on the number of investors.
    • The bond information is publicly provided in media and also in websites of BIDV and BSC, which will ensure the transparency, completion, and accuracy for investors.
    • BIDV is a giant commercial bank, always maintains its credibility in the payment of bond principal and coupon to investors.
  • The term of i-Bond is short-term, with the maximum of 6 months; investors can flexibly pick as per their needs, with the minimum of 15 days.
  • It is guaranteed that the coupon rate will be higher than the deposit rate of the same term at BIDV or other banks.
  • BSC i-Bond is suitable for customers who have short-term and temporary deposits.
  • The investing amount is from 100,000,000 VNDs.