With the goal of providing more modern utilities in securities trading, BSC has developed the OpenAPIs connectivity system that allows investors to connect, look up information and make transactions from trading accounts opened at BSC right on the trading platform of leading Vietnamese financial partners such as Fireant, vStock, DATX... This helps BSC investors access and flexibly use many investment support tools during the trading process.

Notable benefits:

Safety and Transparency

Experience Enhancement

  • The entire transaction is carried out on the securities account that the client connects to.
  • The client can look up information related to the investment account at any time.
  • High security with OAuth2.0 authentication mechanism, an international standard that is mandatory for connecting between online applications. With this standard, the investor’s username & password information at BSC is not shared with the third-party trading platform, completely limiting the risk of being exposed or misappropriated of the trading account.

Combine BSC's securities trading features with utilities and consulting services from partners.

Modern Technology

Attractive offers

Connect immediately with just a few simple operations.

Enjoy attractive offers from BSC and partners.



About the current partners:

BSC selects leading financial utility and service providers in Vietnam such as:


Software supporting securities investment

  • Providing specialized financial & securities data;
  • Platforms and tools to support securities investment on the web and phone applications;
  • Communication solutions based on – Specialized website in finance and securties.

(Suitable for investors who have time to research investments on their own based on fundamental/technical analysis)


In-depth price board for Mobile

  • An in-depth price tracker for mobile platforms; keep up with the beats of market
  • The price movement warning function, useful for investors tracking multiple stocks at the same time.
  • Stable operation, fast and accurate data update speed.


Invest effectively with the power of digital technology

  • Automatically collect specialized financial and securities data from many reliable sources in the market;
  • Real-time data assessment, screening and ranking stocks applying the power of artificial intelligence;
  • Suitable for investors who do not have time to research investments on their own.

For further information, please refer to the connection guidance or contact 024 39264660, key 2.