What is BSC i-Fortune?

BSC i-Fortune is a comprehensive portfolio management service provided by BSC to high-net worth individuals after signing the contract.

  • With BSC i-Fortune, client’s assets will be managed by a customized investment system and our experienced professionals, which will help clients save time to focus on their own work, while still be able to monitor how their assets grow.
  • At any time, clients can provide their ideas to and discuss them with BSC’s wealth managers.
  • The investment strategy is structured based on the discussion, maximum listening to the needs, goals, as well as risk appetite of the customer.

Service requirement

Capital requirement: minimum 1 billion VNDs.

Time horizon: 6 months – 12 months.

Securities account be opened at BSC.

Other terms & conditions

The contract can be terminated in advance if agreed by both parties.

Fee structure

According to the service’s fee structure.