Chemical Industry Engineering Corporation, former Chemical Industry Engineering Company (CECO) - a member of Vietnam National Chemical Group (Holding Company) was established in 1967. CECO is a consultant and design Company with the staff of experienced and qualified doctors and engineers specialized in various technical professions, who have been executing many important works for foreign and domestic investors.CECO has its head office in Ha Noi and five branch offices in Hanoi. Since 1989, CECO received the support of UNDP_UNIDO for the project "Improvement of Chemical Industry Engineering Institute", thanks to which, CECO has be trained and improved its design and project management capability in accordance with international standards. With its potential technical competence in consultancy and design, CECO attaches much importance to promotion of international cooperation and cooperation with many the world leading engineering companies and in fact, CECO has cooperated effectively with many companies of Japan, France, America, Italia, Korea, China, Finland, Malaysia, Singapore and so forth.

Business sector

  • Building houses;
  • Building road and railway roads
  • Building public works;
  • Building chemical and petrochemical works ans works for related industry with small and medium scales;
  • Dealing in real estate, land-use and land-lease rights;
  • Manufacturing metal structures;
  • Building metal containers and tanks;
  • Engaging in metal processing and coating;
  • Manufacturing chemical products;
  • Engaging in demobilization and site leveling;
  • Installing electricity, water supply and discharge, heating and air conditioning systems;
  • Finishing construction works;
  • Providing management consultancy services;
  • Engaging in construction design and planning;
  • Engaging in researches and application of modern technology and equipment into chemical indstrial works and environmental protection;
  • Providing assessment report on environmental impact in chemical and related industry; Handling industrial wastes;
  • Leasing machines, equipment and other tangible objects;
  • Supplying industrial materials and equipment;
  • Exporting and importing the company’s trading items;


Date of incorporation 24/02/2006
Certificate of registration number 0100103520
Date of issue 30/07/2020
Capital 59,770,360,000
Tax Code 0100103520
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  • The precursor of Chemical Industry Engineering Corporation was Institute for Chemical Industry Engineering which was established in 1967 upon separating from General Engineering Institute under the Ministry of Heavy Industry.
  • In 1993, it became Chemical Industry Engineering Company.
  • In 2005, the company’s equitization plan was approved. It officially operated as a joint stock company on Apr 01, 2006.
  • According to the 10th adjustment of the company’s business registration certificate, its charter capital as of Feb 25, 2014 was 29.885.180.000.
  • On Mar 13, 2014, the company's shares were officially listed on UpCom

Listing information

Date of listing 30/07/2020
Stock exchange UPCOM
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 12,000
Listing Volume 5,977,036
Total Listing Value 59,770,360,000

Management team

Lưu Ngọc Vĩnh Members of the Board
Vũ Minh Ngọc Members of the Board
Nguyễn Thị Minh Tuyết Board of internal controllers
Nguyễn Thị Huyền Trang Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Trương Thị Minh Thu Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn Công Thắng CEO
Chu Thị Bích Hồng Vice- president
Văn Đức Thắng Vice- president
Lã Thanh Toàn Vice- president
Nguyễn Tuyết Chinh Chief Accountant
Trương Thị Minh Thu Representative Spokesman