The Design and Construction Joint Stock Company No.1 specializes in design and construction of civil and industrial projects in form of general constructor including erection, construction, steel structures, M&E, water supply and drainage system, firefighting and prevention system, interior; implementing all relevant works, namely consultancy, design, construction permit submission, and as-built submission to put into operation. Therefore, DECOFI shall meet all demands on applying production and operation line invested by the foreign investors, with the effective financing, fastest construction progress and the strict compliance with construction standards and regulations available and applicable in Vietnam.

Business sector

  • Constructing civil, industrial and public works;
  • Designing, making estimates for civil, industrial works;
  • Providing investment consultancy for construction projects; inspecting design and estimates;
  • Supervising construction, examining basic construction quality;
  • Manufacturing construction materials, specialized steel structures in construction;
  • Trading, importing, exporting specialized materials and equipment in construction;
  • Trading real estates and infrastructures;
  • Manufacturing concerete and products from cement and plaster;


Date of incorporation 12/09/1990
Certificate of registration number 0301248798
Date of issue 02/10/2023
Capital 300,000,000,000
Tax Code 0301248798
Sectors & Industries Construction & Materials > Heavy Construction

  • The precursor of Design And Construction Joint Stock Company No 1 was a Design Survey and Construction Enterprise.
  • On Nov 21, 1994, it was renamed Design And Construction Company No 1 under the management of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development.
  • In 2003, it was converted to a joint stock company with an initial charter capital of VND 22.690.000.000.
  • In Aug 2005, its charter capital wad adjusted to VND 28.805.300.000.
  • In Sept 2005, its charter capital wad adjusted to VND 38.836.800.000.
  • It became a public company on May 12, 2007.
  • In Apr 2008, its charter capital wad adjusted to VND 48.805.300.000.

Listing information

Date of listing 02/10/2023
Stock exchange UPCOM
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 17,000
Listing Volume 15,000,000
Total Listing Value 150,000,000,000

Management team

Phạm Hùng Cường Chairman of the Board of Directors
Chu Quang Huân Vice-chairman of the Board
Nguyễn Minh Tâm Members of the Board
Hồ Viết Trung Members of the Board
Trần Thị Bình An Board of internal controllers
Lê Thị Minh Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn Bá Thọ Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn Minh Tâm Chief of Executive Officer
Trần Thuận Lợi Deputy CEO
Chu Quang Huân Deputy CEO
Lê Thanh Tùng Director of Finance
Dương Đình Tâm Chief Accountant
Huỳnh Thị Ngọc Thịnh Representative Spokesman