Alta Company is a Vietnam-based company engaged in the plastic industry. It manufactures and trades plastic resins and other plastic products, such as containers and packagings made of polyethylene (PE). Under the printing business line, the Company offers integrated printing services to publishers of books, magazines, periodicals, as well as printing services on containers and advertising materials. The Company is also involved in entertainment production with musical works, recording services, theater operations and other related activities. In addition, the Company is engaged in facial tissue manufacturing, office leasing and construction. During the year ended December 31, 2010, sale of its products accounted for 87.29% of its total revenue. As of December 31, 2010, the Company had three subsidiaries, one affiliate and two joint-ventures.

Business sector

  • Producing, trading printing, photographic, packaging products, baby toys , education equipment and materials:
  • Publishing newspapers, cassettes and disks;
  • Providing general service and commercial trading, advertisement, cinema, theater and other entertainment services;
  • Repairing electronic equipment, software; leasing and copying magnetic disks;
  • Making domestic and foreign investment on cultural fie;d and production technologies for cultural products
  • Producing paper, materials for packaging, chemical, composite plastic, paper industries,
  • Executing civil and industrial construction
  • Providing service for industrial hygiene,
  • Providing service for hair-do, makeup, skin treatment, wedding dress for hire, graphic design and art drawing
  • Installing electromechanical equipment
  • Producing handicraft and cosmetics
  • Providing entertainment services and cultural program
  • Manufacturing chemicals, plastic composite, materials
  • Leasing office, factory, yard
  • Providing trade promotion service
  • Organizing cultural events
  • Producing films and television programs and  doing post production activities.


Date of incorporation 01/01/0001
Certificate of registration number 0301420079
Date of issue 08/09/2022
Capital 61,725,230,000
Tax Code 0301420079
Sectors & Industries Media > Publishing

  • Alta Joint Stock Company was previously known as the state-owned Tan Binh General Cultural Company, which was found in 1989  and, specialized in trading services and exporting. Later, it was renamed to Tan Binh Culture and General Service Company according to the government policy of restructuring state owned company and specified in manufacturing, trading and service.
  • Tan Binh Culture and General Service Company was the first company in the culture and information industry that followed the state's capitalization program. Thus Tan Binh Culture Joint Stock Company (Alta JSC ) came into operation with charter capital of VND 13.347.000 billion
  • In Dec 2008, charter capital was adjusted to VND 49.339.050.000 via issuing bonus shares for existing shareholders at an ratio of 4:1.
  • On Sep 07, 2009, its business registration certificate was adjusted for the 23th time to include additional business scope: producing films and television programs and  doing post production activities.
  • On Juk 24, 2009, the company switched from listing shares on the Ho Chi Minh City STock Exchange to the Ha Noi Stock Exchange.
  • In Dec 2009, charter capital was adjusted to VND 53.562.120.000 via issuing shares for existing shareholders.
  • As of Nov 10, 2016, its charter capital was VND 61.725.230.000.

Listing information

Date of listing 08/09/2022
Stock exchange HASTC
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 32,000
Listing Volume 6,172,523
Total Listing Value 61,725,230,000

Management team

La Thế Nhân Chairman of the Board of Directors
Lại Thị Hồng Điệp Vice-chairman of the Board
Nguyễn Anh Thuận Members of the Board
Đoàn Thanh Hải Members of the Board
Trịnh Xuân Quang Members of the Board
Hoàng Văn Điều Members of the Board
Hoàng Minh Anh Tú Members of the Board
Nguyễn Minh Tuấn Members of the Board
Nguyễn Văn Danh Board of internal controllers
Thái Thị Phượng Phó TGĐ Kỹ thuật – Sản xuất
Quách Thị Mai Trang Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Hoàng Minh Anh Tú Chief of Executive Officer
Nguyễn Thị Xuân Director of Finance
Hoàng Minh Anh Tài Director of Business
Trần Thị Huệ Director of Quality
Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Duyên Chief Accountant
Lại Thị Hồng Điệp Representative Spokesman