Business sector


Date of incorporation 27/08/1976
Certificate of registration number 3600259017
Date of issue 05/07/2021
Capital 175,000,000,000
Tax Code 3600259017
Sectors & Industries Chemicals > Commodity Chemicals

Listing information

Date of listing 05/07/2021
Stock exchange UPCOM
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 12,600
Listing Volume 17,500,000
Total Listing Value 175,000,000,000

Management team

Phạm Nam Hưng Chairman of the Board of Directors
Nguyễn Thái Nguyên Members of the Board
Nguyễn Đăng Tấn Members of the Board
Nguyễn Cao Đức Members of the Board
Hoàng Thanh Bách Members of the Board
Trần Thị Hồng Loan Board of internal controllers
Ngô Thị Cẩm Hà Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Trần Thị Cẩm Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn Đăng Tấn Chief of Executive Officer
Nguyễn Thái Nguyên Vice- president
Nguyễn Văn Hùng Chief Accountant
Trần Thị Hồng Loan Representative Spokesman