Lam Dong Minerals and Building Materials Joint Stock Company is a Vietnam-based company engaged in the construction materials industry. The Company is involved in the mining and processing of non-metallic minerals used for construction industry, such as clay, kaolin, stones and construction sand. It is also engaged in the manufacturing and trading of construction materials, including clay bricks, ceramic tiles, and pre-cast concrete modules. In addition, it is engaged in the construction of manufacturing buildings and the provision of land clearance and logistics services.

Business sector

  • Manufacturing and trading building materials;
  • Exploiting, processing and trading minerals;
  • Building civil, industrial, transport, irrigation and water projects;
  • Clearing and leveling construction sites, developing houses;
  • Transporting goods; engaging in import and export activities;
  • Engaging in forestation;


Date of incorporation 18/11/1994
Certificate of registration number 5800391633
Date of issue 05/08/2022
Capital 200,000,000,000
Tax Code 5800391633
Sectors & Industries Construction & Materials > Building Materials & Fixtures

  • Lam Dong Minerals and Building Materials Joint Stock Company was previously known as Lam Dong Building Materials Company, which was established in 1994 following Decision No. 981/QD/UB-TC dated Nov 18, 1994 of the People’s Committee in Lam Dong province.
  • On Mar 17, 2003, Lam Dong Building Materials began its equitization process.
  • On May 28, 2003, Lam Dong Building Materials Joint Stock Company officially came into operation with initial charter capital of VND
  • In the 4th quarter of 2004, charter capital was adjusted to VND
  • On Dec 16, 2006, the company’s shares were officially listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange.
  • On Apr 13, 2007, the company was renamed to Lam Dong Minerals and Building Materials Joint Stock Company (LBM)
  • On Jun 18, 2007, charter capital was adjusted to VND 41.391.600.000.
  • On Apr 22, 2009, charter capital was adjusted to VND 85 billion.

Listing information

Date of listing 05/08/2022
Stock exchange HOSTC
Par Value 10,000
Initial Listing Price 39,900
Listing Volume 20,000,000
Total Listing Value 200,000,000,000

Management team

Lê Đình Hiển Chairman of the Board of Directors
Nguyễn An Thái Vice-chairman of the Board
Lê Văn Quý Members of the Board
Hầu Văn Tuấn Members of the Board
Mai Nam Dương Members of the Board
Ngô Văn Minh Members of the Board
Phạm Hồng Hải Board of internal controllers
Nguyễn Thị Thu Hương Member of the Board of Internal controllers
Nguyễn An Thái Chief of Executive Officer
Lê Cao Quang Deputy CEO
Nguyễn Quang Duyệt Deputy CEO
Nguyễn Thanh Toàn Deputy CEO
Trần Văn Hiến Deputy CEO
Lê Thanh Hòa Deputy CEO
Lê Nam Đồng Chief Accountant
Nguyễn An Thái Representative Spokesman